Дано описание следующих CSS-свойств: font-family. CSS Font Family List. Browsers do not support all the fonts, so you need to use multiple fonts to be on safer side. CSS font-family defines the priority for the browser to choose the font from multiple fonts. There are 2 types of font families which you can use –.

17 Jan 2001 Font families; Font styles Font family, Your browser, Sample image Arial, sans-serif, The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog.

In CSS, there are two types of font family names: generic family - a group of font families with a similar look (like "Serif" or "Monospace") font family - a specific font family (like "Times New Roman" or "Arial") CSS font-family property - W3Schools Start with the font you want, and always end with a generic family, to let the browser pick a similar font in the generic family, if no other fonts are available. Note: Separate each value with a comma. Note: If a font name contains white-space, it must be quoted. Single quotes must be used when using the "style" attribute in HTML. CSS: Meaning of font-family : serif or sans-serif From time to time, I am looking in some CSS code for learning purposes and I have often seen "serif" or "sans-serif" as a value for the property "font-family" used as formatting of some text elements. Usually, you are defining the font that should be used for the corresponding element with "font-family".

font-family: "Source Sans Pro", "Arial", sans-serif; When using multiple values, the font-family list of font families defines the priority in which the browser should head> CSS Example