Here is a link to additional button code fields that should be accepted: PayPal HTML Variables for Buttons. Here is the other way you an setup sales tax through PayPal. Here is the PayPal Documentation about adding Sales Tax through PayPal. PayPal won’t charge sales tax on your payments unless you select this option and specify a rate. Update Sales Tax For Your Your PayPal Buy Now Buttons Aug 11, 2015 · If you use ecommerce for local and in-state sales chances are you have to track and pay sales tax. Here’s what to do if you use PayPal “Buy Now” or Add to Cart buttons on your website and your state or local sales taxes change.

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Paypal HTML forms are the older style of button code, but they're still supported by Paypal. To create the Example add to cart form code:

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You can read the full conversation that was had with Paypal’s representative here at Regretsy == Do YOU Use a Paypal Donate Button? I want address the part of this that I think has an effect on marketers, bloggers, web design folks, and just about anyone that does business online if they use a Paypal Donate button.

31 Aug 2011 When the next page appears, click the Buy Now Button link. If you charge sales tax, enter the amount of tax into the Use Tax Rate box.